Itchy kids website.

This woman lives in Hataitai and made this to support people like herself and her son.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.57.23 AM

This website may not be visually well designed but when created there was an emphasis on not having any ads. Many people/company’s have tried to promote their work through this site but as it is for the community and nonprofit it needed to have as little clutter as possible because that was how a carer would need it. The colours were chosen so as to say ‘ahhh you’re here at last! everything is gonna be just fine’. The voice is very human, and casual, this is not about professionals, although you can be linked to them, this is about mums and dads who specialise in their itchy kids. This is a result of someone knowing what they don’t want and creating it for other like minded people. A perfect example of filtering what carers need simply, but with much room for design improvement.


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