The original ‘Missing’ idea

You might be able to help us find one of these 70,000 men women and children who don’t know who they are.

We know but we need to track them down, they’re about yay high, give or take, eye colour blue/green maybe brown, with a possible torn cape/dusty halo.

It could be your mum- they tend to look after somebody else in their family with a disability, or your sister? maybe the person they take care of has a sickness or a kid at school looking after somebody that might just have trouble doing things on their own. They’re carers, they don’t know they are, they don’t know the world of help waiting for them and they might not know when they’re risking some serious burnout. can offer a community of support, government funded and subsidies that are specific to an ever growing community of carers.

Where ‘fine’ isn’t a word, it’s a decoy and a yawn is a silent scream for help.


(don’t get paid)
Insight, carers dont know who they are, there is no physical discription, its so vague that the image shows a world of different people.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.35.06 AM The ambiguity plays on carers being a demographic and not a psychographic.

The ambiguity plays on the ggjgjgjgjgjgjgg


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