Reported Missing Exhibition, miss matching missing persons faces and stories.


In Reported Missing, Ida Rödén invites the viewer to visit a parallel world filled with people who are truly lost. Characters gone missing from the world, specifically extracted from an archive of people reported missing, has become fragmented and dissolved. In a process of layered composites they have pushed through into possible realms and formed new identities. The observer gets to participate in the extraordinary and paradoxical event where characters briefly reunite to prove that they are no longer lost. The fragments of what once disappeared have been pieced together and a new world has opened up.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 7.01.09 pm

A table is located at the center of the exhibition space. On top of it lie stacks of five different well-known magazines. Markings inside each magazine will guide the viewer to an article that the artist has seamlessly inserted. These are fabricated articles where characters from different reunions once again have been put within a different reality. People that are part of a black and white family photograph have been separated, both by time and place. One appears in article written years ago, describing him as a composite photograph of a typical patient suffering from Melancholia. The other appears in a photo magazine and is evidently the photographic subject of someone named Bernardo S.R. Avedon. A third member of the group appears in an article written for Cabinet, and personifies a deceased family member of the writer Wolfgang Gray Sewald. If the reunion setting offered a sense of comfort and belonging, these articles opens up for a possible way of moving on.


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