Convivial toolbox notes

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Co-designing a campaign for carer’s that don’t recognise themselves as carers. When you utilised the website and why you recommend it to people. What it is to get people that wouldn’t usually utilise your website means doing?

I want to get 1st hand information from carers about why they don’t recognise themselves as carers, or what changed their mind and why they now recognise themselves as carers.

I want to know how they go about seeking out informal help such as asking friends in similar situations, or going online. I want to find out what speaks to them in the way of visual communication media and what falls short of interesting them, such as current pamphlets of websites. Where they found out about the websites or support groups they attend, or why they don’t use support groups.

I will do this in a conversational meeting where i ask open questions and take notes. I will show them pictures of things that are available and ask them to mark where they consider themselves on a spectrum drawing as to how active they see themselves in seeking help. I will take photos of the interaction but not so they can be identified.

concerns, memories, feelings and experiences.a variety of forms and formats of generative techniques should be used.context mapping.dreams and fears, aspirations and ideas.

Tacit knowledge is knowledge that people can act upon, but cannot readily express in words, Latent needs are those that people are not yet aware of. They are needs that become realized in the future.

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