Poster presentation with Antony

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 4.53.30 pm

Investigate fundraising like the tokens in ‘Zed’ where you choose where your donation is (projects a positive reflection on the companies charity injection into the community). Process and design? Humanising

Investigate anti smoking campaign and how it has been promoted to the 2nd hand friend to tell them not to smoke, drink driving ads promote to the friend to stop the driver, ‘ghost chip ad’ stop your mate.

Service design Audience, what are the touch points? What are the steps ad how do people interact with the website? asking for help? who reaches the most people? and who are the people that aren’t being reached?

Open Lab, Anna about Wanaka charity group.

Investigate compassion fatigue * what can I do to battle this (tokens idea)

Service design to get to the Campaign and the Ad that i might want it to then be. to understand audience,  empathy translates to service design-opens more doors than narrows.

Have to investigate into carers

Empathy and understanding audience through rhetoric and persuasion, to change intent and attitude.

community from big companies equals loyalty

what things could help people understand what it is to be a carer?

To do for essay:contrast and comparisons, campaigns that approach compassion fatigue, what brings people back to keep on donating? whats the general attitude change. Engage with services that are already there. Do people keep using the help line?

Case study, smoking or drink driving.


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